Less is more.

The ticket fields have changed significantly, and this solution aims to guide you through the many changes.

Our goal with these new ticket fields is to simplify submitting and creating tickets both for our customers on the front end (I.E brand portals) and for our agents on the back end (tickets).

Where, before, we used many different product categories and a wide range of possible issues, the options are currently optimised and simplified. This will make it easier to extract information from Freshdesk and to search for contact from past tickets.


Submit a ticket

Contact form

Brand Portal | Front end

The 'portal' is where customers can fill in and submit a contact form, that will be converted to a ticket in Freshdesk.

All visitors on all brand websites (including HomeWizard) have access to this contact form. When a ticket is submitted via this contact form, it will show the source as 'Portal' in Freshdesk.

The aim is to have the customer fill in most of the information beforehand, so that it saves time for the agents afterwards.

Ticket Properties

Tickets | Back end

The biggest changes are in the way tickets will be logged. We want to have unified ticket properties for all brands and products.

This will not only make processing a ticket easier and faster, but it also aims to have more usable information in the ticket description itself, as well as one or two tags.

Ticket properties are;

The main ticket types for Customer Service are:

Product Support

- How to install
- Question regarding a product

- Manual Request

- Faulty Item/Complaint

App Support

- Apps (A list of apps to choose from)

- Operating System (Android, iOS, Other)

- Regarding:

    - Set-up query / How to install

    - App issue

    - App feedback

    - Complaint

    - Improvement


Orders, Repairs & Returns

- Order / Invoice number

- Regarding

    - Question about my order

    - How to request a repair

    - Question about my repair (RMA)

- RMA number

Future improvements

Our goal is to keep improving the way we process tickets and how we work with Freshdesk. This change in ticket fields takes us one step further into the future with Freshdesk. These changes are not set in stone are are subject to change based on feedback from consumers and agents alike.

Should some ticket fields prove redundant, they will be changed or removed. Conversely, if there is need for additional ticket fields, we can take this into consideration.

Currently we have a unified set of ticket fields for all brands. As a result, not all ticket fields apply to all brands. In the near future, it will be possible to adjust these ticket fields for individual brands, mainly so that consumers using a contact form see only the options that apply to the specific brand.

Should you have any feedback or ideas, please contact me at rick.jacobs@smartwaresgroup.eu or contact me via Microsoft Teams.