Solutions are really, really useful. Not only can you use them in your ticket replies but you can share them with customers. 

So remember, when you create a solution, make it:


  1. Read and follow the workflow by clicking this link: Workflow

  2. Use the below steps to help you create your amazing solution.


Use "Paragraph Font" to clarify your normal text, headers and sub headers of the article. 

(Use of 'fonts family' or 'font size' is unnecessary.)

  1. All header text to = Headers 1
  2. All sub headers to  = Headers 2
  3. All general text to  = Normal

Other points:

  • All solutions should have the same look and feel. Try to keep them unified.
  • They must solve a problem or answer a question.
  • They must not be a dead end. If the solution is to go to a website then provide the link to the website.


All of your tools are at the top of the solution, it is easy, just hover your mouse over the icon to be told what it is its function: 

Insert an image:

You can either copy and paste an image or click the insert image button:

Once the image is inserted you can modify it by clicking on the image to show extra settings:

Add a table: 

You can make a clear step by step guide with photos.

And again, select the table to show settings to modify it:

Insert web links:

You can insert fancy web links to YouTube, websites or even other amazing solutions then follow these steps:

Step 1.
Go to the website you want to create a link for and copy the address from the address bar.


Step 2. 
Select insert link from the tools bar.

Right click and paste the address into URL

You can re-name the link to anything you want to make it look cool.

Step 3. 
Choose "open in new tab" so it will open in a new window instead of replacing your current one.

It should always open a new tab as this is easier for the customer.

So after following the above steps you end up with a link like this:

Smartwares wonderful Youtube channel

Upload documents:

You can upload any document to support your solution, such as a user manual or a diagram. 

  1. Use the attach icon at the bottom of your draft solution. 
  2. Select your document
  3. Click upload


I hope this guide helps. Should you need any help please feel free to contact Jason Anderson from the UK team.  


Skype: jasleeand 

Phone: +447734 980 453